You literally can’t say shit live on the air, nor can you say f***, c*** and various other cuss words.

So Brit radio host Alex Duffy decided to trick his co-host Emma Louise Jones, into thinking he was dropping some serious swear bombs live on air.

After finishing a jam on Viking FM, Alex said to Emma: “Nowadays we’re starting to think differently about which words are acceptable and which words are not acceptable”

The crafty f***** convinces Emma it’s now okay to swear, before he starts reeling off one by one the most offensive words you can say to someone.

He starts with ‘bloody’ which a nervous Emma accepts however it’s not too long before she started losing her marbles, frantically jumping around, begging Alex to stop, fearing her job was on the line!

The majority of the dudes cuss words are bleeped out but we’ll let your imagine guess what he was saying, we reckon he’s definitely squeezed in a motherf***** though.

Luckily we have no restrictions at The Ginger Clam so we can say what ever the f*** we want.

* Watch the hilarious clip below which has received over 350,000 views so far. In the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from.

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