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Two digital media giants–Ryan Kavanaugh‘s Relativity and Alki David‘s FilmOn Networks are working on a feature length co-production that will be the ultimate expression of the YouTube universe. Based on Joe Nation‘s web series YouTube Assassin, the project Bob Thunder: Interenet Assassin will feature, among others, YouTube superstars PrankvsPrank, Joey Graceffa, Michael Gallagher, Steve Greene, Evelina Barry and Shane Dawson—who has over six million followers. Production began on June 8th, 2014 and is slated for a January 2015 release.

FilmOn Networks, the largest streaming TV service, has long pioneered advancements in social television and owns its own social television network,, which has been described as Jackass on steroids. Bob Thunder will be the second project for Relativity’s new media division, Relativity Digital Studios after its series Interns, which debuts this fall.
Funded by David’s FilmOn Productions, the project pulls no punches in an imaginary dog-eat-dog world of YouTube multi-channel networks (MCNs), where YouTube stars are systematically assassinated one by one and replaced by brand-friendly robotic clones engineered by the evil “Mr. Network.”  Other YouTube stars in the cast include, Swoozie, Chester See, Olga Kay,  and Jacksfilms as well as’s original supermodel Janice Dickinson and MMA star Rampage Jackson.

“I am particularly proud to have partnered with Relativity on this one because they have a great spirit of independence that fully resonates with what we do at FilmOn,” said David.  “We have had a great time making this hilarious movie as an exclusive offering on FilmOn. It’s totally everything that it promises to be: funny, current and cool.  Joe Nation is about to take his place in the pantheon of Hollywood comedy film makers.”

Roger Mincheff, President, Relativity Digital Studios said,  “We are excited to work on Bob Thunder with Alki David’s FilmOn.  This project harnesses the talent and fervor of the YouTube community to reach a key audience for Relativity. Assassins disrupts the traditional film model for packaging and producing films for digital platforms which we hope to continue to replicate with today’s storytellers.”

More information on the cast: 

Shane Dawson  is one of the biggest stars of all time on YouTube with 6 million subscribers to his main YouTube channel and numerous secondary channels and podcasts.

PrankvsPrank‘s YouTube channel has had nearly 750 million views, and its duo Jesse Wellens and Jeana were named YouTube’s best pranksters by USA Today.

Joey Garceffa was once part of the YouTube duo WinterSpringPro which had 3 million subscribers. He also plays in a Hunger Games tribute band which is a hit on iTunes. He is also a well known video gamer.

Michael Gallagher is the creator of the wildly successful YouTube channel TotallySketch and a controversial feature length slasher pick called Smiley.

Steve Greene has worked on TotallySketch and is also part of Relativity’s series Interns.

Evellina Barry covers fashion on her influential YouTube channel.

Swoozie has over 2 million YouTube followers for his ribald, mostly animated humor.

Chester See has been called the Ryan Seacrest of YouTube. He also appeared in the feature film Camp Takota.

Olga Kay is a Russian born YouTube star with a background in the circus. She has since worked with Shane Dawson and appeared on The Annoying Orange as well as CSI.

Jacksfilms is the user name of Jack Douglas who has over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Find out more about FilmOn and its 600 streaming TV channels here.

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