Heard about the new move blockbuster sequel to Al Pacino’s Scarface? No neither had we, but it seems there are some people who have!

In case you missed it first time around, Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars special contained a hilarious section in which fans were invited to comment on latest movies – the twist being that the films were totally fabricated.

That didn’t stop people raving about them, proving that you should never believe the crap that movie punters talk in Hollywood.

The video was shot right opposite were the Oscars were taking place.  One shaggy-haired dude was asked about Meryl Streep’s fictitious performance in ‘Too Stoned to Function‘ – and another man was asked to comment on the new (non-existent) Scarface film!

Check it out for yourself. Meanwhile, if you want great TV via the web then head to FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of great free live TV channels to choose from.

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