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Hockey pro and Canada native Sidney Crosby is on his way to becoming a household name after making waves at the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. The 26-year-old played a huge role in Canada’s win against Sweden on Sunday, finishing the game with a final score of 3-0.

With so much attention focused on the Olympics, it’s easy to ignore every other aspect of an athlete’s life and achievements, so here are five things you should know about the hockey prodigy from the north:

1) When Crosby was just 19 he was awarded the title of team captain by the Pittsburgh Penguins, making him the youngest team captain in NHL history. Previously, Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier held this position but Crosby beat him by 27 days back in 2007.

2) Crosby also became the youngest team captain in NHL history to lead his team to the Stanley Cup. In 2009 the then 21-year-old did so when the Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings in seven games.

3) On January 1, 2011 Crosby suffered a concussion from an accidental blindside hit from Washington’s Dave Steckel while playing in the Winter Classic. After numerous tests and rumors of retirement, Crosby was eventually allowed back on the ice 10 months later for the following season.

4) The Penguins and Crosby decided to settle into a long-term relationship in 2012 when they finalized the player’s contract that gives him a 12-year extension, keeping him on the team through 2025.

5) The Canadian heartthrob does in fact have a girlfriend, according to The Bleacher Report, and her name is Kathy Leutner. The American model has worked for Hollister, Faviana Couture and has been featured in Fitness Magazine, according to Sorry ladies! Better luck next season.

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