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Watch out pseudo-news peddlers: we may already have a winner for most pointless power struggle and subsequent news story ever.

This is the story:

American funk band Vulfpeck have had one of their albums removed from Spotify on the grounds that it “it violated their terms of content,” according to Vulfpeck’s keyboard player and drummer (what a multitasker!) Jack Stratton.

So far, so familiar. One giant corporate body takes on a little guy in the name of cash money. Alas, there’s a twist. The album in question, Sleepify, consists of 10 tracks in total, all of which in turn consist of, well, nothing. In other words, the album is one of silence.

The band had intended to use the album as a money-generating tool, whereby fans could listen to the record overnight, the band could rake in cash, and subsequently tour without having to charge admission fees.

The band informed fans of the situation via an open letter on their Facebook page.

Stratton said that he immediately sought out his father for advice:

“He said, ‘Don’t mess with these guys, they’re huge.’ But that’s the whole narrative. We’re just these little guys in their billion dollar scheme. So I get pumped up but then it’s like, ‘Don’t mess with them.'”

Since this whole non-event has taken place, the band have released a three track EP which begins with a voiceover from Stratton:

“About 5 minutes ago I received an email from Spotify. The gist of it was that, while they enjoy Sleepify and thought it was funny and clever, it violated their terms of content, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with it – it’s very uncertain at the moment, and in light of that uncertainty, I want to take 30 seconds’ silence to ponder the uncertainty,” after which Stratton and his band make good on their promise, giving listeners silence, and then a final instrumental track.

No word yet on whether the band’s fans would rather listen to their music or silence.

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