Meet Antti Pendikainen, one of the craziest guys we’ve seen at Ginger Clam – and that’s saying something!

The Fearless dude from Finland took it upon himself to jump out of a hot air balloon at 13,000ft above the ground without a parachute!

He made the plunge bareback and then relied on linking up with a fellow skydiver in mid air in order to hitch a downward ride.

Call it brave or call it stupid, we don’t care … it’s f***ing awesome – and the video has since become a huge hit on social media.

The stunt had to be executed to perfection otherwise he’d have been toast!

Antti told The Daily Mirror: “I spent a year training for the jump, so I was very prepared.

“I’ve loved doing funny stunts ever since I was a young kid. I’m never afraid – next I want to do something even more fun and crazy”

* Watch the nail-biting video below which has received over 3 million views so far… in the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from. 

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