Every superstar in the world wanted to be caught in only one place last night (we don’t mean between Kim Kardashian’s legs), it was the Mayweather v Pacquiao blockbuster battle.

As fans around the world enjoyed the contest on FilmOn.com, ringside spots at the clash were a who’s who of lame ass stars desperate to be caught on camera in one of the $60,000 seats. Bradley Cooper, Donald Trump, his wig, Jay Z, Beyonce, Justin ‘baby body’ Bieber, Michael J Fox, P Diddy, Micheal Keaton.. the list goes on and on and on.

Ginger Clam had the misfortune to be seated right behind Trump, his damn wig kept blocking our view of the fight action. At one point it fell off and landed in his young wife’s homework, poor gal was trying to multi-task.

Beyonce had half her boobies on display, as you can see here. They looked remarkably similar to Mayweather’s bald head – poor Pacquiao might have had more chance trying to hit them than Floyd’s bobbing skull.

The best bit was Hollywood golden boy Jamie Foxx totally butchering the national anthem. The poor crooner missed more notes than Manny missed punches. We’d suggest that he stick to the acting, but that’s not much better.

Vegas witnessed such a stampede of superstars that the private jet airport became completely overloaded, it could not accept any more planes. Bieber was spotted parking his at the nearby McDonalds.

The stars partied late into the night and fight guests such as Paris Hilton and Bradley Cooper led the celebrations. Ginger Clam hit the dance floor with Michael J Fox, that dude sure knows how to shake it!

Mayweather won the fight, but last night wasn’t about the sport, it was all about the showbiz. As per usual, Ginger Clam won with a knockout.

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