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For every fanboy (and girl), there is an event that brings together everything you hold dear. For comic fans, there’s Comic-Con. For porn fans, there’s the Adult Entertainment Expo. And for those who find Quentin Tarantino and violent love stories irresistible, there’s True Romance Fest. 

Now more than 20 years old, the late director Tony Scott‘s  True Romance is being heralded in all its bloody glory at a two-day festival in Los Angeles. The celebration takes place at the Safari Inn in Burbank, where Alabama (Patricia Arquette) and Clarence (Christian Slater) hideout during the Quentin Tarantino written movie.

Like many traditional love stories, True Romance begins with a date between a comic book store clerk and a fresh-faced escort (call girl), watching Kung-fu movies and eating pie.

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What happens after is a whirlwind of cocaine, tight pants, gunfire, Hawaiian shirts, brutal beatings, and most of all, passionate, passionate love.

The star-studded cast includes a hunk for every age; from Dennis Hopper to Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer and Christopher Walken. Not to mention one of the movie’s highlights, Gary Oldman, who plays a nasty, scarred, pirate-looking pimp named Drexl Spivey.

True Romance Fest kicks off May 2 with karaoke, a cash bar and cameos by some of the movie’s peripheral – but memorable – characters. Saturday morning is “Breakfast with Bronson” Pinchot, who plays stereotypical “Hollywood guy” Elliot Blitzer in the movie (you may also remember as Balki from “Perfect Strangers”).

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Then comes some pool time – an excellent chance to wear those gold, Elvis sunglasses motel guests will receive upon arrival. Saturday night is an outdoor screening of  True Romance accompanied by a Q & A with cast and crew.

For access to all the weekend’s events, die-hard fans will have to spend about $500 to reserve a room at the motel for two nights. This price also buys you bonuses like access to original props from the movie and a giftbasket featuring featuring “limited edition/numbered True Romance Fest prints created exclusively for this event for each room guest, animal crackers (save the gorillas), Clarence and Alabama temporary tattoos, True Romance VIP souvenir laminate and more.”

And of course, costumes are encouraged.

For the rest of us fan-folk who can’t afford the whole weekend, tickets starting at $35 will be available for the screening only. They go on sale Monday, Mar. 24 on the festival’s website.

Spoiler Alert: Don’t watch this final scene from the movie if you haven’t seen the rest of the film yet. Otherwise, watch it over and over and over again and enjoy the whimsical theme song.

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