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Live from Baltimore, Maryland, with the UFC light heavyweight title on the line, we’ll have all your round-by-round analysis right here for the main card.

Jon Jones (19-1) will try to set a record with consecutive title defenses, while Glover Teixeira (22-2) tries to be the first to dethrone the champ. The co-main event features light heavyweights Phil Davis (12-1) and the return of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson (16-4), which will have title implications.

Fili vs Holloway

Round 1

First round, touch of gloves and they are off swinging! Fili rushes Holloway and throws a one, two combination and Holloway returns. Missed elbow thrown by Fili and the two come to the center of the Octagon. A few exchanges, missed spinning back kick by Holloway. Fili catches Holloway and rocks him a bit ouching him back. Holloway still stunned, but throws back. Holloway looks like he’s recovered. A few more exchanges and even though Holloway connects, Fili seems to be getting better of standup. Both young fighters are content to keep the fight on the feet, but now Fili takes Holloway down, but he gets right back up. One minute left and the two square off again. Good kick by Fili that Holloway grabs. The two get tied up on the fence and the round ends! Fili 10-9.

Round 2

They start second round swinging in the middle. Holloway catches Fili with a good kick and Fili tries to take Fili down. Fili looks a bit hurt as Holloway grabs him trying to throw some short elbows and punches. They square back up. Fili throws a kick that Holloway catches and drops him. Fili gets back and Holloway catch him with a good right. Halfway through the round an Holloway looks confident. Holloway’s taken some air out of Fili’s first round and continues to press forward. Good knee by Holloway, but Fili takes him down. Fili is in Holloway’s guard with no action. The ref stands them back up. One minute left, leg kick by Fili, Holloway answers with a right. Fili rushes in again and Holloway defends. Thirty seconds and the two are in the middle of the cage. Fili shoots in, end or round. Holloway takes this 19-19.

Round 3

Last round, the two touch gloves. Holloway connects with combinations, and Fili tries to answer but Holloway has better exchanges. Couple leg kicks thrown by Fili that miss, and Fili shoots in for a single leg takedown but Holloway defends and pushes him off. Fili finally gets the takedown, but not doing damage from the top. Good defense by Holloway and Holloway gets back up. Fili looks tired, breathing with his mouth open. Holloway stalks him and Fili shoots in again. Holloway pushes him agains the fence and backs up to punch. Fili shoots in once again and Holloway takes his neck. Fili back up to his feet and tries to take Holloway down, but Holloway grabs his neck and chokes him forcing Fili to tap! Nice!

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Jim Miller vs. Yancy Medeiros

Round 1

They meet in the middle with both throwing jabs. The two feeling each other out, Medeiros throws a front kick. Medeiros has the length and height advantage trying to utilize it. Still feeling each other out, Miller throws high leg kick that is blocked. Medeiros using his length by keeping Miller on the outside. Miller trying to get in, catches him with a good body punch and rushes in. Miller grabs Medeiros and puts him in a guillotine and puts him to sleep. Miller wins by submission.

Luke Rockhold vs. Tim Boetsch

Round 1

Touch of gloves and they back up. Boetsch throws a leg kick and shoots in. Rockhold puts Boetsch in a triangle that is not locked in. Boetsch stays in the position while Rockhold throws elbows from the top. Rockhold goes for kimura and Boetsch taps out! Rockhold wins by submission!

Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson

Round 1

Here we go! Co-main event. Davis and Johnson touch gloves and Johnson pushes forward. Davis circles around the cage and throws a front kick that misses. A wild left by Davis doesn’t do anything. Davis tries to clinch with Rumble but he brushes him off. Rumble catches him with a right and Davis tries to shoot in but Rumble defends. Good leg kick by Johnson and Rumble catches Davis and Davis is hurt and tries to grab him and falls to the ground. Rumble tries to finish Davis but Davis scrambles away. Davis bleeding by his left eye. Johnson looks patient as he throws punches when he can touch Davis. Thirty seconds left and another great leg kick by Johnson that sends Davis backwards. Johnson takes this 10-9.

Round 2

Touch of gloves again and Rumble pushes forward. Davis backs up throwing his jab trying to keep Rumble at bay. Johnson still patient and Davis trying to connect with anything. Johnson catches Davis with one, two and jab returned by Davis. Head kick by Rumble that is partially blocked! Davis looks tired, mouth open. Davis can’t seem to get any offense going. Halfway through one, two high kick by Johnson. Davis swings but misses with almost everything. Davis catches Rumble with Superman punch, but Johnson comes back with his own shots. Rumble’s inches more accurate and has Davis backing up. Rumble switches to southpaw and Davis shoots in but Rumble stays up. Good left by Rumble. End of round. Johnson 20-18.

Round 3

Touch of gloves and Johnson goes right after Davis. Davis backing up and tries to stand his ground. Rumble catches him again. Davis throws a high leg kick that is blocked. Davis ties up with Johnson against the cage and Rumble throws a knew that sends Davis back. Rumble throws a leg kick that connects. Davis’ standup does not look smooth or fluid. Davis stands in and throws a front kick and Rumble comes back with his own. Two minutes left and Davis throws another high right leg kick. He shoots in and Rumble shrugs him off and chases Davis. Davis tries to grab Rumble and bring him down but Rumble gets out of it. Thirty seconds left and Davis throws haymakers that are met with Johnson’s punches. End of fight!

Johnson wins: Unanimous decision 30-27.

Jon Jones vs. Glover Texeira

Round 1

Touch of gloves during instruction and Jones starts fight with leg kick and Glover returns with right hand. The two swing and and then back up. Jones catches Glover with a knee and pushes him against the fence trying to take him down but Glover stays on his feet. Glover grabs Jones leg and Jones stays up. Jones grabs Glover’s arm and Glover takes it out. Less than five feet between them as they are toe-to-toe. Little poke of the eye by Jones and ref calls a short timeout. The two go back at it and Jones gets Glover down, but he pops right back up. Both men start feinting and Glover throws wild right and left. Jones length is helping him land his jab at will. Glover swings wildly for the fences, but Jones backs out. Glover is missing with his wild shots. Round over. Jones 10-9.

Round 2

Glover stalks Jones and Jones shoots in taking Glover down for a second before he pops up. Glover comes forward again and throws a left leg kick. Jones reach makes it hard for Glover to come in on him. Some more wild punches by Glover. Jones grabs Glover’s head and Glover gets out. Jones pokes Glover in the eye and the ref stops action to warn Jones. Jones come out again with some jabs and Glover finally catches him putting Jones against the fence. Jones comes off the fence and throws some punches of his own. Jones brings Glover against the fence and throws punches and elbows. Glover gets off the fence and Glover shoots in. Jones drives Glover into the fence and throws a shoulder at him. Leg kick by Glover, ten seconds left, round over. Jones 20-18.

Round 3

The two take the center of the cage and Jones starts off the action with jabs and three front leg kicks. Glover returns with his own punches, but Jones answers and keeps Glover on the outside. Jones punches Glover’s mouthpiece out and lets him put it back in. Jones shoots in for a takedown and Glover holds him up preventing it. Couple uppercuts by Glover catches Jones and Jones throws an elbow and gets out. Another uppercut by Glover and Jones throws some more elbows. Another uppercut by Glover! Jones holding him against the fence and Glover trying to tag Jones with one more uppercut. Jones knees Glover’s leg as blood is coming from Glover’s face. One minute left — Jones throwing jabs, pawing it out keeping Glover away. Jones brings Glover to the fence and the two exchange uppercuts! Some good knees by Glover and the round ends! Jones 30-27.

Round 4

Leg kick by Jones returned with leg kick by Glover. Jones utilizing front kick to the leg. Glover trying to use his boxing primarily and Jones ties him up. Some vicious elbows by Jones and Glove throws an uppercut that connects. Jones has Glover against the fence and he throws knees to Glover’s midsection. Glover’s mouthpiece comes out and there is a stop in action. Jones throws a kick to the midsection that connects. Jones throws short elbow followed by front leg kick and elbow. Glover looks battered and can’t seem to find a groove. Jones connects with a spinning elbow and another elbow. Jones holds Glover against the fence and fires one, two combination followed by elbows. Jones takes Glover down and round ends! Jones 40-26.

Round 5

Final round and Jones takes Glover down. Glover works his way up, but Jones keeps him against the cage with no room to work. Good uppercut by Glover, met with some left hooks and right hands. Glover’s mouthpiece comes out and the ref stops action. The two meet in the middle again exchanging punches and Jones brings him against the fence. More elbows by Jones and Glover backs up. Flying knee by Jones that misses. 90 seconds left. Jones pawing him keeping Glover away. Uppercut by Glover and Jones plays with Glover putting his head down. Spinning backlist misses by Jones. Thirty seconds left and Jones starts backing up and fight is over! Jones wins unanimous decision.

More to come….

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