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Suffice to say that the first two episodes of this Emmy Award winning show are among the funniest and the most smartly written ones yet.

Julia Louis Dreyfus’ Selina Meyer’s  has one quest which is her holy grail, running for President. What ensues is trying to keep that quest secret, with its gaffes and all, proves that this irreverent series is one of TV’s raucously funny comedy crown jewels.

The talented actors that portray her hapless entourage are every bit the gifted Julia’s equal.

At the premiere, held at the Paramount Lot in Hollywood, the series creator, British satirist Armando Iannucci, no stranger to pushing the envelope on TV, was not your usual gracious play it by the book, host. He said to the crowd, “People say it’s a cynical show, I think that’s not true. It echoes the founding fathers sentiment that anyone man or woman, black or white, has a chance to run for higher office and fuck it up. The assholes are evenly spread.”

He went on to quip that, “We have a better cast than House Of Cards, my cast doesn’t stare at the camera.”

The shtick did not stop there, Armando then introduced the cast with the dreamy Reed Scott standing up with a blackberry, by his ear, gesturing to the crowd to wait. He then introduced Timothy Simon who plays the insufferable Jonah, as the actor who plays, ’50 shades of douche.’   Emmy award winners Julia Louis Dreyfus and the ‘crazy talented’ Tony Hale, Anna Chlumsky, Gary Cole, Kevin Dunn, Sufe Bradshaw and Matt Walsh all took their bows to the appreciative crowd.

The screening then started and did not disappoint. The Selina saga begins in Iowa, where she is signing copies of her book which she did not write and giving a heartfelt eulogy to a man she did not know. This show though, is a series that every single TV viewer should not miss.

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