Some people spend their free time in bars while others like to go to the gym or try out new restaurants. This girl plays with great white sharks.

Brave 27 year-old Ocean Ramsey (yes that’s her real name) travels the globe in pursuit of her past-time, which some say is risky and dangerous although others reckon it’s noble and safe.

Watch the following video for a stunning insight into Ocean’s world with her fish-faced pal with 300 teeth – and decide for yourself.

According to her Wikipedia page the shark conservationist is also a scuba instructor, model and freediver and she has swum with 32 species of sharks.

Ocean Ramsey joins a group of conservationists trying to show that the great white species are not demons of the water and warning that they are soon to be endangered. Poor things (with big snarly teeth)!

Meanwhile if you like amazing footage like this then head to – where there are hundreds of free live web TV channels to choose from.


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