Ginger Clam is delighted that 1D star Louis Tomlinson has not followed the celebrity trend of giving his baby an unusual and pretentious name. Media reports today suggest that the new arrival is to be called… Sydney Rain. Oh dear, oh dear.

Given that the child was presumably named with the conception spot and weather in mind, we should just be grateful that the kid wasn’t called Hong Kong Fog, Abu Dhabi Hailstones or Dublin Drizzly Spells.

A source told The Sun:

“Louis and Briana are yet to file a birth certificate but they’ve agreed on the name Sydney Rain. It will be rubber-stamped in the next five days. It’s not yet known whether the baby boy will take Briana’s surname or Tomlinson.”

The surname they opt for seems unimportant, the child is still essentially going to be a weather forecast for the rest of his life.

Any confusion the kid has over his name will soon be replaced with bigger concerns, when the little dude realises Daddy is already dating somebody-other-than-Mummy.

Disney actress Danielle Campbell is currently romancing the 1D dad. She has been noticeably quiet on social media since the arrival of her beau’s little one.

No statement has been made about the custody situation arranged between Louis and baby mama Briana Jungwirth. Ginger Clam is available for babysitting duties in case there are any gaps to be filled in the schedule.

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