Filmon TV CEO Alki David is continuing his fight against women who wrongfully accuse men, especially those in power, of sexual assault for their own personal financial gain. In an effort to protect his rights, which were violated when several of his former female employees falsely accused him of misconduct under the guidance of civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, the billionaire businessman is serving the attorney with a fourth complaint.

In the complaint, David’s asking for injunctive and declaratory relief, which aims to restrain a party from committing certain acts. He’s also seeking restraining order against Allred.

On Friday, August 19, David’s lawyers at the Law Office of Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy filed the complaint in United States District Court for the Central District of California. In his complaint against Allred and one of her clients, comedy writer Lauren Reeves, he declared that he was denied due process in the trial the duo initiated against him in California Superior Court in 2019.

Reeves claimed during her trial that she endured months of sexual innuendo and inappropriate conduct by David, her former boss. She was ultimately awarded $4.35 million in punitive damages by a Los Angeles jury that also allocated $650,000 in compensatory damages.

After she was awarded the settlement, Reeves later agreed to receive a reduction in her compensatory award in the amount of $445,000. The reduction came after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rafael Ongkeko found the amount of out-of-pocket damages awarded to Reeves was excessive.

David’s legal team points out in its latest complaint that on four different occasions, he has sought to have the State Bar of California address his claims concerning the unethical conduct of Allred and her partners. Those partners include fellow California-based civil rights lawyers Tom Girardi and her daughter, Lisa Bloom, whose professional affiliation he refers to as Scam Inc.

David decided to file his recent complaint against Allred and Reeves for working with the attorney’s partners to secure the settlement for the latter, despite his continued insistence of his innocence in the case.

The businessman choose to publicize the filing of the complaint after he sent Leah Wilson, the Executive Director of the State Bar of California, an email about his concerns on June 19. In his email, he included attachments consisted of the three prior complaints he filed against Allred with the State Bar. Wilson seemingly didn’t read, or even open, the attachments, as she responded on June 25 by asking: “Have you considered filing a complaint against Ms. Allred or Ms. Bloom?”

Wilson’s response to David proves that the State Bar of California hasn’t investigate his complaints against Allred and her partners. As a result, the State Bar has failed to effectively discipline corrupt attorneys, which allows them to repeatedly violate professional standards.

In his latest complaint, David also noted that Girardi, who was known as “The Fixer” throughout his career, bribed judges to rule for a particular party in many cases for a certain network of attorneys. The businessman noted that Allred is one of the attorneys for whom Giradi fixed several cases, including defendants she represented who falsely accused David of misconduct while they worked for him.

David’s legal team also noted that during her years-long vendetta against David, Allred violated The Code of Ethics, which all attorneys must follow, by maligning his character and reputation not on in the U.S., but also in Switzerland. He and his family are concerned that she will seize their real estate and have other assets liquidated in the European country, where his elderly mother lives.

As a result, under Rule 65(b), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, David is seeking the injunctive relief and temporary restraining order against Allred and her associates. He also hopes that overall, the State Bar of California will finally consider all of the evidence he has presented in his complaints, and stop Allred’s illegal and unethical vendetta against him.

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