Dear Jaimie Alexander,

On behalf of nerd boners across America, thank you.

Just when moms were starting to worry about their sons who haven’t left the basement in weeks and that the last nude female they saw was a hooker in GTA V, you stepped out boldly at the Thor: The Dark World premiere in a dress that is best described as an Amish funeral gown crossbred with mesh and pieces of Catwoman’s suit. It was the dress heard around the world (this week).

Some fashion critics have viciously attacked the gown as “too revealing” and harped on how it “leaves nothing to the imagination.” Well, they may be right. But I can tell you for certain that not a single man with a working penis in America is going to call your mother about it. And let’s not forget about those who suffer without an imagination strong enough to generate images of the female form, like the nerd and gamer population. Those brave souls are the most loyal supporters of Thor: The Dark World. And though their hearts may be bigger than their paychecks from Best Buy, I assure you, you did the right thing. In their pervy eyes, you are a heroine. You chose a dress that said, “Hey guys, I see you. Here you go. Thank you.”

No, Jaimie. Thank you.

Miss Lydia

Look for more revealing Sci-fi and super heroine  outfits on Threshold via FilmOn: 

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