Kanye West’s highly anticipated Yeezus tour was five years in the making when it kicked off in Seattle last month with new rap sensation Kendrick Lamar.

Starting off strong the tour ran into a few kinks here and there — a postponed second date in Vancouver, then a later date for Anaheim that was also postponed.

Only 13 days into the tour, the self-proclaimed “Number one rock star on the planet” postponed it indefinitely, citing a truck collision that caused irreparable damage to gear that is “central to the staging of the Yeezus tour,” according to a press release.

This incident occurred only about a month after West’s beef with comedian Jimmy Kimmel, where the rap artist informed Kimmel that he is “the most powerful voice in media. I am Pac! You will never be able to show your face at a 14 year old’s high school football game and be cool again.” Kimmel’s response was that he was excited to finally be part of a rap feud, according to CBS.

Somewhere along the line West also announced his engagement to Kim Kardashian, so it’s fair to say that the 36-year-old hip-hop artist has had a lot going on recently.

All of the tour drama took place in less than two weeks, with only six days counting as actual tour dates. C’mon Kanye, you can only blame so much on logistics.

Wednesday, it was announced that while the Chicago, Toronto and Detroit dates have been rescheduled, touting logistics have caused the Vancouver, Denver, Columbus, Montreal, Minneapolis and St. Louis shows to be cancelled. Logistically speaking, logistics are the cause of the tour date cancelations. Sorry man, you understand, right? It’s logistics.

What a lame excuse for rock star behavior that is quickly approaching Axl Rose levels of outrageousness.

The tour is scheduled to resume on Nov. 16 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Here’s hoping that this will be the end of Kanye’s logistical nightmare.

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