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Today in Africa, a funeral was held in remembrance of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, who died Thursday at the age of 95. Rather than, you know, remember all the things Mandela did to fight towards peace and freedom, everyone is freaking out over the moment when U.S. President Barack Obama shook Cuban President Raul Castro‘s hand because: ‘Murica vs. Communism. The Obama administration has worked to warm relations with Cuba in order, it says, to advance civil rights causes on the island and engaging Raul, brother of ailing Fidel, is an obvious next step. We found a variety of responses covering the good, bad, ugly and just plain stupid, with every one of them coming from the all-knowing Twitterverse.

Of course, there were jokes.

But then things got serious.


Theories on personal motives flew.

While comparisons to previous moments in history were made.

Then there was stuff like this. #IMPEACHOBAMA now. This guy is a DISGRACE to AMERICA!! Rubio slams Obama handshake with Castro


But at least one person gets it.

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