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The resurgent genre Battle Rap–born on the streets of the Bronx in the early days of hip hop–got a huge shot in the arm today at the press conference and “Lyrical Weigh-In” for the epic, pay-per-view Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle on Dec. 6. FilmOn Networks new channel Battle Rap TV will host it as the next step in its support for the artists that drive this rapidly growing field. (You can watch Battle Rap for free on FilmOn here.)

At FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills, Fresh Coast Media Group boss and Battle Rap veteran Lush One refereed a press conference that was anything but the snoozy corporate event the music industry has become all too used to. Under the FilmOn chandeliers, a DJ set the tone as hiphop media and Battle aficandados crowded in. Lush gave big thanks to FilmOn CEO Alki David for creating Battle Rap TV and funding the kinds of battles that will raise the game for all in the

“We learned tonite there is far more genuine animosity between Diz & Cas then we could have ever fathomed,” Lush said. “This is going to be heated.”

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Cassidy appeared via hologram from the Bahamas. (David also owns Hologram USA, the only company in North America legally allowed to use the patent for the highest quality hologram technology). Dizaster was live and very much present as the two sparred about their readiness, their street creed, and their legacy.

Cassidy staked his claim as a pioneer in the genre–talking about the unruly days before there were leagues and corporate backed events. Dizaster fired back that Cassidy sat out for ten or eleven years while the artists of his generation did the real work that created the scene.

Things heated up when Cassidy pointed out that Battle Rap TV obviously needed a big name to draw attention to its efforts–and it chose him. The insults began to fly with Cassidy picking apart Dizaster’s style and Dizaster laughing that the elder rapper had obviously been studying his tapes to prepare.

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Dizaster was in high spirits–loose and limber like an MMA fighter waiting to get into the Octagon, but with his classic smirk that works like teflon on any dis slung his way. In answer to Cassidy’s now famous remark that he came back to Battle because someone finally offered him “the chicken” to do it, Dizaster held up a plastic chicken figurine and said he’d gotten his chicken too. (It’s been reported that Cassidy will receive a quarter million dollars for participating in the battle).

Cassidy, via hologram, was seated and tense. His eyes were cold and his threats chilling. “I don’t give a shit. Put me in front of any nigga and I bite his head off. They could get a dead nigga up here and I bite his head off just the same.”

Lush pointed out, “Alki David is opening a huge world of possibilities based on the hologram technology as well.”

The crowd was by turns rambunctious and respectful. Some called Cassidy out for claiming to have invented battling when of course so many came before him. Smart questions were asked and Lush handled them with aplomb. Among the press representatives were TMZ, MTV, 100 Bars, the LA Times and TV Mix. has an excellent story on the uses of holograms in battle rap here.

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At one point Alki David spoke live from his island in Greece—beamed in from speakers above the crowd like the voice of God–the billionaire thanked the crowd for turning out and he announced that the Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle would take place at the Santa Monica Airport’s Hanger 8 and that tickets are on sale now for the pay-per-view Dec. 6 on FilmOn Networks new Ether TV platform.

No one left the conference doubting that the two rappers will bring their a-game and that this will be a historic battle that will change the game for everyone.

Order your pay per view for the Cassidy vs. Dizaster battle here.

Find out more about FilmOn Networks here.

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