The sneaky fiend with the slippery shampoo bottle is back!

He’s the dude who set the internet alight in the autumn with a prank video that showed him sneaking up on a bunch of bikini babes while they took a shower on the beach.

When they were distracted he’d secretly pour shampoo onto their heads – driving them crazy as a sea of soap suds suddenly appeared. The video was such a hit that its makers Hooman TV are now back with Part 2.

This time it’s clocked up nearly four million plays across various media platforms over the last few days. Watch below for the latest from the Phantom Shampoo Prankster.

So far there is no sign of the joke wearing thin, although here at Ginger Clam we think that any dude who tries to sneak up on a girl in the shower is risking a nasty kick in the beach balls.

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