Everybody loves Star Wars – so imagine how cool it would be if you could do all that Jedi shit for real.

YouTube prankster Rahat decided to dress up in fake robes to give a demonstration of supposedly using ‘The Force’ in order to get his own way at a hotdog stand (which he secretly rigged for special effects).

When at first when he fails to negotiate a discount on a snack, fellow diners dismiss him as a crank. But suddenly he unleashes his Jedi powers – making a sauce bottle fly across the counter and picture frames violently rock backwards and forwards on the wall.

“(I’m a) Jedi in training. Girls like that stuff, try it some day” he tells stunned onlookers.

The resulting footage is hilarious – watch and enjoy. Meanwhile for great entertainment head to FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of free TV channels that you can watch via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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