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Bachelor parties are meant for booze, strippers and last-minute shenanigans before some dude ties the knot to the ol’ ball and chain.

One such gathering, held in Charleston, South Carolina, was blessed with the presence of none other than Bill Murray. Yes, that Bill Murray. Although the comedian-actor-genius has largely stepped out of the limelight over the past few years, he does make occasional appearances in the most random places you could imagine.

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The story goes that a bachelor, EJ, was getting his drink on at a steakhouse with 20 of his best dudes, pre-nuptials. One of his friends goes to the bathroom, sees Bill Murray, and offers him drinks. Murray initially declines but later crashes the party to offer advice to everyone except the groom, because it’s “too late” for him. Murray suggests that before taking the plunge, buy plane tickets to travel the world and get into places that are hard to get out of. Then, if by the end of the trip you still love each other, “when you land at JFK…get married at the airport.”

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Wise words from the sage of comedians, indeed.

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