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Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Rose Byrne are the stars of the raunchy new comedy Neighbors, which is set to be on top of the box office this weekend.

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The film, directed by Nicholas Stoller and written by Andrew J, Cohen and Brendan O’Brien, is about a fraternity house moving next door, in a typical suburban neighborhood to new parents, played pitch perfectly by the talented Rogen and Byrne. Safe to say this hilarious, raucous comedy will probably clean up at the box office, as Efron’s character, Teddy, starts off the film by immediately inviting his neighbors over for beer and magic mushrooms. That mood was evident at the recent over the top premiere in Westwood, with the after party at the nearby Hammer Museum. Filled with kegs of beer, chips and dips, burgers, fries, and any college type food that the guests, including Ed Norton, who was standing on line just like the rest of us folk, albeit trying to go incognito in a pulled over baseball cap, waited on lines for.

As the Washington Post noted, “Viewers who find unbridled hilarity in the idea of babies eating condoms, men dueling with sex toys and 30-something yuppies keepin’ it trill by using words like “trill” will find much to value in “Neighbors.” But let’s not forget the numerous bromances, all-night benders and Michael Keaton Batman vs. Christian Bale Batman conversations that make this college comedy worth seeing.

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Rogen, always a master self-deprecator, kept true to his form. “I never have any boundaries,” he told me, “A laugh at any cost.” Rogen does indeed do whatever it takes to get laughs consistently through this very funny, clever and oftentimes sharply edgy flick. Byrne shows off her solid comic abilities with a way big flair, and eternally cute Zac Efron sheds his Disney High School Musical trademark with his role as a most often clueless, somewhat mean spirited and mucho hard partying frat boy. Zac told me that, “ I had such a blast making this. Didn’t think I had all the comic stuff in me.” Well Zac you do. Efron masterly stays toe to toe with the seasoned Rogen and Byrne. So many films save their funniest bits for the trailer, thankfully Neighbors is consistently laugh out loud funny throughout. Just pray you never have neighbors like these.

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