Ginger Clam was shocked and confused by Justin ‘awaiting puberty’ Bieber’s weird Twitter spat in the wake of Prince’s death. However, after a little investigation, we can reveal that the singing scrotum seems to have been extracting revenge for a long-held grudge. That’s it, Biebs, hit ’em when they’re dead.

Famous guitarist Andrew Watt wrote an emotional online tribute after the loss of the purple legend. Bizarrely, Bieber left a barbed (and quickly deleted) response.

Watt stated that Prince was ‘the last of the greatest living performers’, Bieber hit back with a sarcastic comment: ‘Well not the last greatest living performer.’

Why leave a twisted note on a man’s tribute to a dead friend? Well, it turns out Bieber may not have forgotten about Prince questioning the little dude’s lack of musical talent many years ago.

In a big 2010 TV interview, Prince was asked about Bieber.

He said: ‘The key to longevity is to learn every aspect of music that you can. I hope he does pick up an instrument and gets a new teacher.’

Revenge is a meal best eaten cold, did JB decide to grab a quick bite from the freezer?

Ginger Clam reckons Prince had more musical talent in his weener than Bieber has in his whole scrawny body. Try writing a song without a ‘co-writer’ one day, little pecker.

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