Welcome to the bait bike that catches fire prank – this is pure genius!

Jokers from YouTube channel YesFunnyYes, decided to rig a bicycle with a smoke bomb attached to it and the results are fantastic!

Opportunists who got bored of walking to their next destination couldn’t resist the temptation to borrow the lonesome bicycle and take it for a spin.

As soon as the guys started peadling, the smoke bomb was triggered. One guy was so freaked out by the insane amount of smoke that he ran off and left one of his shoes behind! Serves him right for being such a lazy f***er.

The Clams favourite is the last dude who fancied taking the booby trap for a ride … he appeared to be pretty darn wasted, but incredibly the smoke didn’t even faze him! What a nutter!

*Watch the video below and if you like crazy shit like this head over to Battlecam.com– where there are thousands of great clips to choose from, plus live pranks, dares and general mayhem.

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