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After days of turmoil and a record amount of social media impressions, the latest round of drama raised by FilmOn’s testing of Brandon Howard’s DNA comes from a suspicious business in Las Vegas. Proof of Michael Jackson’s fathering the 31-year old Cleveland resident and pop star in his own right was unveiled on live TV last week at the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills (Read TV Mix’s full account here).

Yesterday a DNA testing service, Truth 4 U, made the accusations via TMZ that the tests FilmOn used were not legitimate. These claims spread widely on the Internet without getting comment from FilmOn or its representatives.

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Today, the CEO of FilmOn, Alki David, fired back, explaining that Truth 4 U was only the first DNA testing service he approached as he embarked on the production of a documentary about Howard, who performs as B Howard. The materials tested there were just a handful of initial items. As David learned more about the reputation of Truth 4 U and the unreliability of its work, and allegations of fraud, he says he sought out other labs to do the work.

One report shows an unsatisfied customer who says her results were submitted in a custody hearing about her daughter even though she was NEVER SWABBED)

Furthermore, Truth 4 U’s advertisements clearly tout confidentiality as an integral part of their service: One online ad reads:

DNA Test to prove paternity—Peace of Mind: If you don’t foresee the test results being required for any legal purposes, then we are able to provide the confidential test known in the industry as “Peace ofMind.”  This test will also “Provide the Truth for you.

Seeking a more reputable and trustworthy service David sent the items to a lab in Ireland, a country known for its advanced biotech industry.

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About the items that were tested at Truth 4 U, David does not refute they were not the matches that prove Jackson’s paternity. FilmOn was always open with Truth 4 U that those were just initial tests as they began the project and expected professionalism from the firm.  Truth 4 U never had the impressions used in the final tests in its possession.

The owner of Truth 4 U, Don Austin, has sought to cast aspersions on FilmOn’s findings merely because they come from Ireland, as if he is not aware of the internationalization of all aspects of commerce and research. Indeed, FilmOn has offices in both the U.S. and in the U.K., and David spends part of his year on his island in Greece. (TV Mix is owned by FilmOn Networks).

“Don Austin is clearly an opportunist with a terrible reputation for confidentiality and his company Truth 4 U is clearly not to be trusted,” says David. “Addtionally his aggressive behavior in recent days towards FilmOn suggests that he was being pressured by someone to lie about the results he had in his possession.”

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