It looks like a whole world of s*** may be awaiting Bruce Jenner – after speculation that he may now face manslaughter charges over the death crash that killed a 69-year-old woman.

According to TMZ, law enforcement agents have a traffic video that appears to show that it was Bruce’s vehicle that rear-ended the Lexus in which accident victim Kim Howe died.

The Kardashian family patriarch (or should that be matriarch) – who is currently undergoing gender reassignment to change him into a woman – escaped unscathed.

Officials did not discuss the case – but it hasn’t stopped several tabloids including Mail Online and Daily Mirror from speculating that Bruce may now face legal charges.

Meanwhile, a video animation of the incident has been created by tech company Integral Media Works, which you can see below. It is not based on the official video but TMZ says it understands the animmation is accurate

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