According to an article in the LA Times, the credit card company has included some scary language in its latest contract with customers.

Capital One says it now may just show up at your house or place of employment to check in on you. It doesn’t say they’ll show up with a lead pipe with plans to bust your kneecaps if you don’t pay up, but the idea of having a debt collector just knock on your door and pop by your cubicle doesn’t sit well with most consumers. Even the police and the IRS need a warrant to show up unannounced.

Because this is not technically an illegal search and seizure the practice is supposedly legal. Representatives for Capital One say that this is not a common practice and would only occur in instances where large ticket sporting items — like jet skis — would need to be repossessed.

Additionally, the new contract states that the company may use a trick phone number to get you to pick up. However, representatives say that is never the company’s intention, but that it occurs occasionally due to local phone system issues that are beyond their control.

Sounds a little dubious. You might want to be careful with your debts with these sharks, or you might be swimmin’ with the fishes.

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