As if carpool karaoke couldn’t get any better, James Corden of The Late Late Show has only gone and given Michelle Obama a ride!

The 1st lady surprised the hell out of us, including the lovable host, as she accompanied him for a personal tour at the White House.

James had a few burning questions to ask, he said: “What are you going to miss and what are you going to accidentally slip in your bag?” The tubby dude then added: “Are you not going to miss like 24-hour room service, just calling down at 3AM, I want a grilled cheese and a milkshake?”

Michelle said that was a rarity and she wouldn’t miss the treats. Obviously, James was shocked by this and claimed he’d be constantly asking for food, no surprise here!

It’s unlikely we’ll ever have a cooler 1st lady than Michelle, who revealed she’s launched a Snapchat channel to help promote her new initiative ‘Let Girls Learn‘ – which aims to give the millions of deprived girls around the world an education. You rock Mrs B!

To make it an even more surreal experience the Queen of rap, Missy Elliot joined the guys and performed the new song for the charity, ‘This is for my girls’ – what a babe!

Michelle’s now set the bar extremely high for carpool karaoke … f*** having to follow that!

* Watch the full video below and in the meantime log onto, where there are hundreds of FREE TV channels to choose from.

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