A new and possibly final turn in the Casey Kasem saga has taken place as the battle over his health takes center stage.

Daughter Kerri Kasem spoke with doctors at her fathers care facility and determined that it would be best to begin end-of-life measures due to his deteriorating health caused by Lewy body dementia. Doctors and Kerri feel that continuing to feed the non-verbal Kasem is too painful for him, and that his body rejects what they put in.

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Wife Jean feels slightly differently. The former “Cheers” actress put on a good performance at the court hearing where Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered that Kasem be medicated, hydrated and nourished until a court appointed attorney can travel to Washington state from Los Angeles and report back on Kasem’s health. After the hearing, Jean dropped to her knees in the courthouse corridor and repeatedly said, “Please don’t let them kill my husband.”

This comes from the woman who very recently threw raw hamburger meat at her stepdaughter.

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Oddly enough, the $2 million life insurance policy, which is to be divided among Kasem’s adult children, including daughter Kerri, is at the center of all of this.

Jean ‘s lawyer Steve Haney called Kerri  “a godless woman” after Monday’s hearing, referring to his contention that she is a member of the Church of Scientology.

Her lawyer denies that Kerri has ever been a Scientologist, adding, “She loves studying religions. Jean picked out the most controversial one to distract from what’s really going on.”

The follow up hearing on Kasem’s health and who will be given conservatorship over the ailing radio icon will take place on Friday the 13th, a very appropriate day indeed.

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