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Michael Jackson’s estate is still cashing in on the deceased pop star, first with the hologram it created illegally  at the Billboard Music Awards and now with the threat to release eight more possible posthumous albums.

Unfortunately for Jackson fans, producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked on the most recent posthumous release, Xscape, said, “We got more surprises coming.” The new albums are puled from old recordings and outtakes, essentially all the stuff that wasn’t good enough to put out when Jackson was alive. As many have noted, the singer was a perfectionist and is probably rolling in his grave after every new release of his less-than-perfect material.

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Douglas Wolk at Pitchfork noted that Jackson has released more music in the five years since his death than in the 12 years before it. The first posthumous release, Michael, in 2010, set off what looks to be a string of poor releases, and as Wolk described Xscape as, “this strange, underfed, vaguely horrid eight-song record, inexplicably named after the group that had a hit with “Just Kickin’ It.”

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With the possibility of eight more album releases in the future, we can only imagine they’ll get worse with time, eventually rendering themselves unlistenable and banned to the bottom of the $5 bin at Walmart.

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There’s also the concern that these posthumous releases will eventually outnumber the work Jackson created during his life. As if Michael and Xscape aren’t enough potential damage to his legacy, another eight versions of them would be devastating. The executors of the Estate, John Branca and John McClain, have been embroiled in many lawsuits alleging fraud and the faking of MJ’s will (Including suits by Alki David the owner of Hologram USA which holds the exclusive North American license to the technology that creates the most life like holograms. David also owns FilmOn, which owns TV Mix).

There’s no trust left among fans that the Estate has Michael’s musical legacy’s best interest at heart as it desperately grabs for money.

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