The Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles was the site of a sold out Battle Rap event put on by Alki David‘s and Fresh Coast Media’s Lush One last night. The undercard battles were lively, the crowd was happy and those who couldn’t fit in spilled over into a parking lot next door to watch the action via a special simulcast arranged by Hologram USA. But the main event was not to be–after only one round of  the legendary battle rappers Cassidy and Dizaster facing off on stage, the fire marshall shut the event down.

Alki David and Lush One were incensed at the disruption and have cited bad security on the part of the theater owners. Fans who paid between $40 and $450 for tickets to the live event and the tens of thousands who paid $19.99 to watch via pay-per-view at, were left hanging.

But being men of their word, David and Lush will restate the main card battle between Cassidy and Dizaster tonight, Dec. 7 at an undisclosed location on the streets of L.A. Everyone who paid to watch on or for a ticket at the Belasco will be able to stream the battle for free live (or replay it later if they are unavailable to watch live). New comers can pay $19.99 to watch.

David sent an email to all ticket buyers after the show:

First of all thank you for buying a ticket to the show Ether event in LA. Although Lush and co were very entertaining we were really let down the Belasco security as well as the sound people.

Seeing as you paid to watch Cass and Diz battle you get to see them for free again. This time they are going to duke it out in the streets somewhere in LA, tomorrow evening. The battle will be streamed live today Sunday Dec 7th


To add insult to injury were shut down by the Fire Marshall before the end of the show!

I was just as disappointed not to see the end. But in every silver dark cloud… there is that silver lining.

What’s really great is that YOU get to vote who wins the battle! There will be real-time voting where you get to vote who you think is the better man.

Expect an email tomorrow or keep your eyes open for a tweet from me @alkidavid

If you miss the live show you can always login and watch it on replay after.


The event stormed Twitter and the hashtag #ETHER trended all night.  An excellent round by round account of the entire evening, complete with quotes and fan tweets, was posted by

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