Ladies, you better brush up on those kegel exercises. Channing Tatum has been confirmed to play Gambit.

X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently shared the good news on Monday at the London premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past. How the red carpet managed to stay dry and unlittered with women’s underwear, is still unclear.

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“He’s a rogue–Channing–he’s a rascal, just like Remy LeBeau,” Shuler Donner said. “And he can handle the action, we all know that! And he’s got a really good heart.”

And he can dance. And he’s Channing fucking Tatum. And swoon.

The 22 Jump Street star will be introduced to the Marvel world in the next X-Men film, Apocalypse, due in 2016. If all goes well, the ultimate plan is to give Gambit a spinoff movie. It’s the closest thing to X-Men porn that fans may ever know.

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“He’ll be great for Gambit,” she said. “And he’s a Southerner, too. He’s not from New Orleans, but he is a Southerner, and he understands that world.”

Tatum has publically displayed his giddiness to play the Ragin’ Cajun since late last year. The dream didn’t take a step closer to reality until just last month when he told MTV, “Gambit is really the only X-Man I’ve ever loved,” in an interview after the MTV Movie Awards.

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How funny because Tatum is the only male-stripper-turned-terrible-dance-movie-trilogy actor the world has ever loved. He can throw his cards at us any day.
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