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Captain America: The Winter Soldier smashed all competition at the box office this weekend and raked in a whopping $96.2 million. That’s a record breaker for April releases and dethrones Fast Five’s $86.2 million record from 2011, which is going to upset no one ever.

This weekend’s success is quite a step up for Captain America. In 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger opened with $65 million, which was a decent figure but now looks like toilet paper in comparison to The Winter Soldier. The Team USA superhero also has quite the international fan base. Worldwide totals have already reached $303 million.

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With numbers like these, it looks like Chris Evans can retire after all and spend the rest of his days swimming in a vault full of cash. The unparalleled success of The Winter Soldier delivers a clear message to anyone complaining about Marvel saturation in film and TV: Shut up.

The genius behind Marvel’s box office hits like Thor and Iron Man is that people can jump on the bandwagon at any time. The movies are welcoming to newcomers as much as they are a home for old school comic book fans.

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