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Who’s going to tell chicks that it’s just an outdoor music festival, not their wedding day? There’s no need to slim down. Consider yourself lucky for avoiding the conversations comparing crash diets from the past week.


 There are plenty of phone charging stations on the festival grounds, but those Coachella selfies are sure to drain phone batteries to wasteland status. Who wants to spend a weekend with a crowd more concerned about Instagramming their selfies than listening to the actual bands on stage – or worse, complaining about how their phone died so early on Day One?

COAflower Go Flower Power or Go Home. Coachella fashion is no joke. Some people plan their outfits months in advance, even if the ensemble includes completely stupid decisions like high heels and flower crowns.


Tickets went on sale in January, which means we’ve had to listen to everyone run their mouths non-stop about Coachella for the last three months. The two weekends of Coachella may actually be the only two weekends in 2014 that we get a break from hearing about it.

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