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Citing a violation of the agreement over the use of the hologram technique for which FilmOn holds the exclusive North American patent CEO Alki David withdrew access to the technology being used in a concert with MIA and Janelle Monae, and called on Chris Houchin, Executive Producer at Obscura Digital in San Francisco to make things right. Apparently, the two execs saw eye to eye because David was able to restore access to the technology in time for the tremendous party for Audi’s new A3 at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

As The Guardian reported this morning, the two singers were to appear simultaneously – Monae in L.A. and MIA in New York – so they would appear on stage together. It was promotion for automaker Audi to coincide with their launch of the new A3, and uses the same technology that was used for the infamous Tupac Shakur hologram appearance at Coachella in 2012.

The technology is owned by David’s FilmOn Networks in partnership with its inventor, Musion. On March 25, David filed suit against Cirque du Soleil and MGM resorts over their misuse of the patent in their Michael Jackson-based show in Las Vegas. (Read TV Mix’s account of the suit here. TV Mix is owned by FilmOn Networks.)

“We are major supporters of copyright law and the honoring of patents,” says David. “Any misuse of the patent for which I hold the North American license undercuts the rule of law in the United States that supports thousands of innovators and entrepreneurs.” After the companies came to an agreement David added, “I’m very happy to have had these two major stars show off our hologram technology in front of this crowd of influentials in Hollywood.”

Plans for an Amy Winehouse Resurrection Tour were in the works with the agent and manger of the late singer’s estate, but David pulled them from consideration when he heard that her family was feeling stress over the situation and had gotten cold feet. (Read the story here). David is still pressing forward with plans for a Flo Rida hologram concert and is showing the technology at the Massive: The Advertising and Marketing Conference, sponsored by Variety in Beverly Hills today. [This article was updated from an earlier version.]

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