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Justin Bieber’s home was raided by police Tuesday morning after a dispute with neighbors alleging that the pop star threw eggs at their front door.

According to Radar Online, The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department dispatched 11 cars and a battering ram unit to the Calabasas home of the “Baby” and “Girlfriend” singer to search for evidence that he pelted his neighbor and his neighbor’s home with almost a dozen eggs. The neighbor alleges that he saw Bieber throwing eggs at the front door of his home, and when he went to his balcony to confront the singer, he started throwing them at him.

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The incident is the latest in a series of run-ins with authorities over Bieber’s bad behavior, including an alleged verbal altercation in March 2013 with a neighbor that ended with the pop star spitting on him. Although the charges against him were dropped by the L.A. district attorney, Bieber was also confronted by NFL star Keyshawn Johnson in May of the same year for driving at unsafe speeds through their gated community.

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