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Following a confrontation Monday outside a Los Angeles chiropractor’s office, Kanye West may face charges for physically assaulting a teenager.

West arrived at the Beverly Hills medical building just minutes after his fiancée Kim Kardashian, who was allegedly insulted by the teen after she suggested that his use of “n*gger” was inappropriate. The teen was apparently holding the door for Kardashian as she attempted to escape a swarm of paparazzi when he referred to the shutterbugs as “f*ck-t-ass n*ggers.” He subsequently turned his anger on Kardashian, allegedly calling her “n*gger lover, stupid slut.”

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When West arrived, he joined Kardashian in the waiting room of the chiropractor’s office, where the 18-year-old was apparently siting. According to witnesses, West punched the young man and Kardashian said, “we have it all on tape.” In a report filed by TMZ, staff members in the chiropractor’s office had to separate them.

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On Tuesday, Police confirmed to the New York Daily News that West was a suspect in a misdemeanor battery complaint. It remains to be seen what impact the incident may have over West’s upcoming legal battle over criminal battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a photographer at LAX on July 19, 2013.

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