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2013 saw Apple completely refresh iOS, Google launched the developer preview for Google Glass, and both Sony & Microsoft write the first chapter in the new console war, but… it feels like something is missing. Parents are asking “Why?” Developers are asking “How?” Trendy customers are asking for something less hideous. 2014 would do great by answering questions and fulfilling promises:


Wearable technology, from Google Glass’s awkwardness to the Galaxy Gear’s fall-flat launch, look as hip as a pocket protector right now. So far, they’re just telltale signs of douchebaggery, with Samsung’s epic fail Are You Geared Up? ad setting wearable back by years. Someone — Apple? — needs to enter the field with a device that doesn’t exist to predict your desires or help you take pictures with stalker-level-stealth.

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Big system-exclusive games will come out for the PS4 (Watch Dogs) & X-Box One (Destiny), and finally give children some decent arguments about why these investments aren’t horrible ideas.

Apple will release a new phone format, using the numeral 6 in its title. Nothing else is guaranteed, except that for the high end model, the numeral 5 is seeing its last days.

Teens will continue to abandon Facebook, just to make their parents think they’ve found a better social network to be caught by a predator on.


On April 1, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos should finally come out and reveal he punk’d 60 Minutes, and this drone delivery thing is the biggest joke ever.

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