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In the wake of her reconciling with the remaining members of Nirvana, Courtney Love is releasing new music, including the track ‘You Know My Name’.

Love, Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl met in a tension-filled gathering for Nirvana’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The three, and especially Grohl and Love, seem to have been able to put their differences behind them after many years of public feuds following the death of the band’s lead singer, and Love’s husband, Kurt Cobain.

Since then, Love has began to fulfill the promise she made last summer when she told fans to expect new music. While she won’t release her double A-side single, ‘You Know My Name’/’Wedding Day’ until May 4, the audio for ‘You Know My Name’ can be found online and is a definite return to 1992, with the hard, angry vocals that made us love the singer in the first place.

The new release jump starts Love’s nine-date UK tour which is set to run May 11-May 22.

Rumors still swirl that a reunion with Hole’s Celebrity Skin-era lineup is possible, but for now we’re just excited to see Love in the spotlight for something other than drug use or crazy antics, and the fact that she’s making headlines for doing what she does best makes it even sweeter. While we hope this is the beginning of a solid comeback for the musician, we’re content with listening to ‘You Know My Name’ on repeat until her return is official.

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