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While Courtney Love looks for lost Malaysian planes, Kurt Cobain fans are putting up the money to make his childhood home a museum. According to Spin, the 1.5-story house located in Aberdeen, Washington was put on the market by Cobain’s mother Wendy O’Connor, and sister, Kim Cobain. This was in September of 2013. Although the home was assessed at $67,000, the two women decided to give it an asking price of $500,000, seeing as it was the lead singer’s home, on and off, until he was 20 years old.

Now, the sale of the house has drawn the attention of avid fans that wish to convert it from a home to a museum dedicated to the memory of the fallen rock star. 33-year-old journalist Jaime Dunkle has created a GoFundMe account that’s dedicated to this notion, with a very passionate plea: “We want to turn Kurt Cobain’s childhood home into a museum. We’re making sure this house is memorialized by us fans so it doesn’t end up in the clutches of capitalist greed. This museum will reflect the anti-commercialism spirit of Nirvana.” So far, the donation level has only reached $400.00.

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A $700,000 funding goal, as estimated by Dunkle, is supposed to go not only into the purchase of the house but also into curatorial work and to create a location for Nirvana fans and those enamored of singer Kurt Cobain to visit and learn about the singer’s early life. According to Rolling Stone, the mayor of Aberdeen was very supportive of the creation of a Kurt Cobain Museum. Mayor Bill Simpson stated, “We have been remiss for a long time of not honoring him… We hope this is just as big as Graceland eventually.”

It is highly unlikely that Aberdeen will become the next Memphis, but it is nice that the mayor has his hopes. The passion that fans have towards Kurt Cobain might indeed drive this crowdfunded concept to a successful conclusion, however. Out of all the rockstars who have come and gone, Kurt Cobain has had a lot of longevity. It’s been decades since his passing and teenagers now are still listening to his music. Is it possible that there will be a Cobain museum in Aberdeen? Yes. Are the ethics behind it sound? That may be questionable.

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There are a variety of reasons for someone to want to create this landmark and to want to go into something of this stature. Jaime Dunkle herself seems genuine. But those in Aberdeen never seemed to care about Kurt Cobain before he became famous. Now that he’s dead and famous, of course, they seem to trot him out every chance that they get. A house that is estimated at $67,000 shouldn’t really be put on the market for $500,000. But a dead celebrity is a dead celebrity.

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