viewers were left stunned last night as Simon ‘dwarf trousers’ Cowell got a taste of his own medicine, live on British TV.

Cowell, starring in the X Factor on ITV1, slammed contestant Paul Akister for not enjoying his time on the show. He instructed the singer to “lighten up”.

However, when presenter Dermot O’Leary turned to Akister, any expectations that Cowell had of the contestant taking his words as scripture were ripped to shreds.

Akister responded that Cowell was “unfair”. Then he told the host: “I enjoy everything I do on this stage, I embrace everything… I’ve waited a year to come back on this show. I’m here now.””

Cowell was not prepared to let the punches pass. He piped up: “We have 100,000 people who turn up to audition every year and it’s about embracing the opportunity and having fun, because that’s what people tune in for, they want to be entertained.”

Any hopes that Cowell had for the final hit were short-lived. The presenter turned to Akister to ask what he thought of Cowell’s comments: “Happy with that?” he queried. Akister totally ignored Cowell’s critique, instead making reference to his own efforts. “Yep, I’m very happy… with my performance.”

Ouch! We salute you little contestant dude! Previous contestants who have tried to rub Lego-haired Cowell up the wrong way have found their time on the show short-lived.

In a twist, Akister dealt Cowell a bloody nose at the end of the broadcast – the public spoke and voted to eliminate singer Jack Walton.

Cowell was rumoured to have erupted with anger backstage at the results. Calm down, sweetheart, Clam still loves you.

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PS – If you’re wondering who the cute cartoon character is next to Cowell in our photo, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s new gossip columnist.


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