If you think Coronation Street super-cow Tracy Barlow is a bitch then apparently you ain’t seen nothing yet. Actress Kate Ford, who plays the diva in the hit British TV soap series, reckons her character is about to go nuclear.

If you’re a Corrie fan you’ll be aware that Tracy (pictured) is currently reeling in pain after splitting from her killer fiance Rob Donovan – and she’s about to take it out on the neighbours.

Kate, who’s played Tracy in the ITV1 show since 2002, told The Sun: “The thing with Tracy is that when she’s hurt, then she is vicious. And because she’s so hurt, you’re really going to see her bitchy and nasty side.”

The word is that Rob’s sister Carla is about to be hit by a bucketload of crap in the soap as Tracy seeks revenge for ruining her wedding day by calling the cops about Rob.  The diva then has an affair with Liz McDonald’s dodgy boyfriend Tony Stewart.

Kate says: “Firstly, she steps up her war with Carla, whom she blames 100 per cent for all of this. She feels like Carla should have kept her mouth shut … so she’s out for revenge.”

Kate says Tracy’s fiery plot-lines than will run well into Christmas. “She’s going to have a fling with Tony. It’s nothing like her relationship with Rob. It’s not a big love affair, it’s messy, involving things like blackmail, power and money.”

* You can watch Coronation Street on ITV1 (see below) via www.filmon.com on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of this week at 7:30pm UK-time.

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* If you’re wondering who the cute cartoon character is in our photo of Tracey, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s gossip and social media columnist!


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