Here at Ginger Clam we love a political debate. So let’s go over to the cradle of democracy in Westminster – where the hot topic is whether or not British Prime Minister David Cameron once placed his penis inside the mouth of a dead pig.

Yup, you read that correctly. Apparently some Lord dude has written a biography of Cameron, which speculates that the politician did some pretty wild things during his college days.

The future PM was a member of the notorious Piers Gaveston Society whilst he was at Oxford University (it’s a sorta frat house for super-rich kids).

The authors report a story of an ‘outrageous initiation ceremony’ at an event at which Cameron allegedly ‘inserted a private part of his anatomy’ into a deceased pig’s mouth.

Or as The Sun in London put it: ‘Cam performed bizarre act on oinker with his pork sausage’.

We thought about asking Downing Street for a comment but we decided it’s better to let sleeping hogs lie – besides we don’t want Cameron to send a drone round to Clam HQ  to put a cap in our ass!

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