I have no idea why someone is buying a next gen console at (or even close to) launch. At either $399 or $499, It’s not a light investment — and that’s before games or additional controllers. Worse, though, it’s investing in something you should not trust.

By taking backwards compatibility out of the equation, there is no brand loyalty to help with your decision. On this alone, it’s only responsible to wait out a victor. See what does well, where the inevitable problems pop up, and wait until there’s a good deal.

After Watch Dogs’ postponement, launch day lineups do nothing to make me consider either console is worth investing.

And take the example that the upcoming chapters of the Metal Gear Franchise are taking. Launching on for the PS4 & XBox One, but also the PS3 and 360? That’s a major vote of no confidence in customers transitioning quickly, and it gives buyers an excuse to stick around with their current consoles.

Most importantly, though, think of the bugs. The 360’s infamous Red Ring of Death, and the PS3’s Yellow Light of Death ruined the ownership experiences for many of us. These are errors that the industry has yet to prove itself above, and at least half a year should pass before we can trust them.

Microsoft, whose launch has been rocky ever since their DRM fiasco & flip-flop, has already started screwing up their launch, shipping units early and then banning them from activity.

After all that, neither company has given consumers enough reason to make me confident enough in their abilities. Even Grand Theft Auto V, a Triple A title if there ever was one, fell on its face with the launch of their online component. With all this under consideration, why not wait? Let the early adopters lose their time and waste their frustration during these platforms’ growing pains months.

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