After another MTV awards show all the talk is once again around 20-year-old Miley Cyrus.

The pop singer gave two performances at the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday in Amsterdam: one performance of her song “We Can’t Stop”, and another of her newer single, “Wrecking Ball”. Will Ferrell, dressed as anchorman Ron Burgundy, presented her with the award for Best Video for “Wrecking Ball,” after which she lit what appeared to be a joint that she smoked on stage.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cyrus said, “I couldn’t fit this award in my bag, but I did find this,” before pulling a marijuana cigarette from her purse.

Why? Because she can.

In multiple extreme efforts to shed her image as Disney’s Hannah Montana, Cyrus has done everything within her power to cause controversy — from twerking, to cutting off all her hair, to smoking Js and getting tattoos. The only problem is that despite all the talk and attention, nothing Cyrus does is actually shocking.

Unlike other musicians and performers who shocked audiences by ripping pages out of bibles or even throwing livestock into the crowd (you can google Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper for the full scoop on those), Cyrus does things that plenty of other people have been doing for years as a means to bring so-called shock value to her name. It’s the lack of substance behind her actions that makes them not only meaningless, but boring.

Despite the lack of creativity or true shock value in smoking weed on stage, the stunt was censored from the U.S. showing of the awards ceremony. So far, copyright laws have prevented the video from airing in America, even from online sources.

While marijuana isn’t legal in the Netherlands where the awards were held, smokers can’t be prosecuted for holding small amounts and it’s notoriously sold in cafes known as “coffee shops”.

We can only guess what Cyrus will try next, but considering her current track record, it shouldn’t take too much imagination.

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