Rap star Drake has surfaced on Instagram looking alive and well despite recent reports that he was hospitalised after an alleged fight with fellow musician P.Diddy.

Diddy reportedly punched Drake on Monday night during an altercation outside a Miami nightclub. False rumors initially spread that Drake had been flirting with Diddy’s girlfriend, but several reports have now claimed the feud was over a hit song.

Drake seems unimpressed with the reports and posted the picture below on Instagram and wrote: “They’re either talking shit about you or stealing the shit you’re talking…either way the name been poppin.”


The Grammy-nominated song at the middle of the dispute is said to be  ‘0 to 100/The Catch Up’.  According to TMZ, the two musicians were given the song by producer Boi-1da with the intention that they would both record it. However months went by without Diddy doing anything about it, so Drake decided to record it on his own.

Sources close to Diddy have claimed that ‘disrespect’  was the main reason behind the fight and that Drake is believed to have said: “You’ll never disrespect me again!”

Here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix we’re all look forward to round two if the pair bump into each other again.

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