In a candid interview with “Fox & Friends,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opened up about his stance on cancel culture and why he’s refraining from endorsing political candidates in the upcoming election cycle.

The renowned actor and former WWE superstar expressed his frustration with the current climate of cancel culture, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and transparency. He highlighted how the pressure to conform to societal expectations can stifle individuality and honesty.

Reflecting on his past endorsement of President Biden during the 2020 election, Johnson admitted to feeling uneasy about the division it caused within the country. Despite his optimism for positive change, he acknowledged the need to avoid further polarization and promote unity.

As a result, Johnson announced his decision not to publicly endorse any political candidate in the upcoming election, stating, “Not that I’m afraid of it at all, but it’s just I realize that this level of influence —I’m gonna keep my politics to myself, and I think it’s between me and the ballot box.”

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