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Now that fantasy football season has come to an end, it’s time to take a moment and reflect. These players are ones who probably cost you a lot of auction money or a high draft pick when you added them to your roster, and served to only frustrate you with their repeatedly horrible performance.

This list will avoid guys in bit parts or who suffered injuries, instead we will focus on guys who were out there every week and consistently disappointed. Scores referenced are in the standard format.

QB: Eli Manning, 162 pts

Eli Manning had the year from Hell and hopefully you weren’t stuck waiting on him to turn things around. His 27 interceptions kept the Giants offense from establishing any type of rhythm all season even with elite weapons like Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. To add insult to injury, Eli was outscored by not only Rookie Geno Smith and three guys who didn’t start every game, but ironically enough exactly managed to tie Aaron Rodgers, who oh by the way, missed about eight weeks with a broken collarbone. Unless he has a strong preseason there will be no reason to roster Manning next season even as a backup.

RB: Ray Rice, 107pts

For my money Ray Rice is the most disappointing player who didn’t miss multiple games this season. Am I being tough on him for gutting out a potentially more serious than reported injury? Possibly. Was the O-line in shambles, Flacco overpaid, and other skill positions understocked? Definitely. Still facts are facts and a guy who, in the preseason, was seen to be the safest of a question mark laden top ten ended up with less than 700 yards rushing and 4 trips to the endzone. All that being said I refuse to believe Rice is done at such a young age even with his high usage and personally would be willing to take a chance on him at the right price next year.

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RB: Trent Richardson, 99 pts

Remember when it looked like the Cleveland Browns had found their running back of the future? Remember when seemingly inexplicably they performed a rare in season trade and shipped him to the Colts? What followed was a buzz both against the Browns front office and in favor or Richardson’s soon to skyrocket fantasy value. That buzz soon turned into disdain as Richardson disappointed on a weekly basis and eventually ceded the job to the incumbent Donald Brown. For the price you had to pay to acquire him you were probably reluctant to bench him, a move that eventually, I’m hoping you did.

WR: Justin Blackmon, 46 pts

In the open I mentioned we would try to stay away from players who missed time due to injury, though more disappointing is a guy who missed time due to being unable to make choices that ensure he remains a millionaire. Blackmon began the season suspended and was stashed similarly to Josh Gordon in hopes that upon exiting suspension he would become the reliable player all of his actual on the field performance has suggested. After his suspension ended Blackmon managed to put up an average of about 11pts a game, which is definitely respectable. He earns this distinction not only for earning a second wellness violation but also because of the hole he left in your roster, first because of the pick and roster spot you wasted to stash him, and second for the absence afterwards.

WR: Hakeem Nicks, 85pts

Once part of an explosive tandem with the salsa dancing Victor Cruz, Nicks looked like a shell of his former self, narrowly missing 900 yards on 56 catches while being held scoreless for an entire campaign. Eli and by proxy, most of the Giant’s woes are well documented here and we won’t beat a dead horse but to say Nicks had better hope someone still believes in him as he enters free agency is an understatement.

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TE: Fred Davis,  11pts

From sneaky good pickup to afterthought, Fred Davis was as recently as last year a viable fantasy TE. A year later he was shuffled behind Jordan Reed. While normally a guy being outplayed by a younger player wouldn’t seem so egregious, what happened here was doubly frustrating as Davis failed to do anything noteworthy after Reed was lost for the season.

D/ST: Texans, 68pts

Any defense featuring quarterback nightmare fodder J.J Watt should have been able to put more pressure on the QB, but such was not the case. The three units that scored lower than this one boast nowhere near any player that talented combined with their overall lack of hustle earn them this dubious distinction.

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K: Garrett Hartley, 110pts

For those of you who think that kickers in fantasy are unimportant, take a personal story into account. I had made it to the Super Bowl versus a team that had Jamal Charles in the week after he exploded. After a shaky outing, the Saints released Hartley and because I had spent all my Free Agent Auction Budget on other players, I went into the title game taking a guaranteed 0 into the contest. Even though I won the matchup, I swear to you that the resulting frustration will make me pay more attention to my kicker’s performance in the future.

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