Deputy Assistant Attorney
Lisa O. Monaco –  Deputy Assistant US Attorney General

Dear Madam Deputy Attorney General (Lisa O. Monaco)

I understand that your call to action is to purge white collar crime for which I applaud you.  And what better place to start than the business of the Law itself!

I would like to bring your attention to the FBI’s Investigation of Gloria Allred, her daughter Lisa Bloom and co-conspirator, Tom Girardi.

The investigation was recently started by the Investigative Squad at the Mission Services Branch in Los Angeles.

As the FBI never comments on an ongoing investigation, I have attached a screengrab of the initial email exchange between myself and the most senior officer at the FBI in LA.  If you wish to have the unredacted details I would happily hand them over with the appropriate non-Disclosures.

Under different circumstances divulging communications with an FBI Agent would be an incredibly inappropriate thing to do, however the situation as it demands immediate action, and a lack of media gives even greater importance to this message.

The investigation is based on criminal and civil complaints filed by me and other individuals including Steve Wynn the Vegas hotelier and the actor Rose McGowan. There are many other victims too. Many thousands of lives that have been harmed irreparably by these people whose wholesale perjury, bribery and corruption, obstruction of justice and trafficking of victims, has caused massive destruction to society as whole and it is time for it to stop.

I have filed multiple criminal complaints in Switzerland against the individuals concerned that include the gang of racketeers I have dubbed as Crime Inc.  Already Courts in Switzerland have ordered Crime Inc. to pay my court costs. Their criminality extends over 40 years of insurance fraud and straight forward thuggish shakedowns.

With my teams of lawyers over five years, all the evidence that is needed to incarcerate these individuals has been collected and will make it easy for the investigative bodies all over the World to bring these people to Justice. And as lawyers and judges are involved in this crime syndicate it is obviously the Government’s responsibility to seek justice for the victims.

My exact complaints are attached herein. Obviously, there is much more documentation that both my lawyers and I are providing to the FBI, and we continue to collaborate in good faith that these individuals are brought to justice.

My road has been long. I have spoken to many senior lawyers in Los Angeles.  There is a federal Whistleblower too! Everyone is in agreement that it is time for this perversion of justice to stop.

Yours Sincerely
Alkiviades “Alki” David

Malibu, Calif

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