KingCarlX aka Carl Dawson aka TikTok content creator with a following of 10 Million across TikTok YouTube and FilmOn. He’s a whole new breed of Entertainer.

At 21 Carl makes his money shooting funny videos about life in LA across his Social Media Network. TikTook is his strongest platform at the moment and managing the careers of other would-be Influencers seems to be the natural path.

Carl Dawson Snr. an ex Navy Officer and respected Hollywood Media Executive, brought up his kids alongside the children of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Whilst learning the ins and outs of being spoilt but no so spolit, King Carl’s mum Christie runs a charity for inner city Kids and the retail chain Footbddy’s,

“When I heard SwissSexy the first time was when my buddy Alki David asked me over to his place in Malibu and ended up getting me to be in Stanley Enow’s latest music video.  Alki and Stanley wanted to shoot bits of the music video on the beach in front of Alki’s deck. Then Alki said he wanted to pay me in Bears! Which at first tripped me out a little but then I realized what Alki was all excited about.

Carl Jnr at National Portrait Gallery

“And that’s where and when I got into Crypto and how it can really be used to empower people in disparate situations! The content I create comes packed with positive intentions and Crypto allows you get content and crypto to your Audiences and have them invest in your ideas or whatever you want to influence. The Stanley Enow El Palucho Bears for example is a great idea.

Available to

Alki invested in a piece of jewelry that Stanley stuck his emotional support cuddly toy he calls it El Palucho…  ok its a little needy but cool and thus used the asset to back his NFT! So from 50 K we made each NFT bear valued 1%. Thats why we come out of the box with a value of $500 a Bear! Read more


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