Retired United States Army lieutenant general, Michael Flynn is endorsing James Bradley during the current 2022 California state senate race. The latter’s campaign has released a video that was taken during an enforcement and strategy meeting he had in San Diego with the army veteran, who shared his support for the Republican Party’s California senate candidate.

In the video, Flynn, who also served as the 25th U.S. National Security Advisor during President Donald Trump’s administration, stated that California needs Bradley “to lift the tyranny that we have over our necks.” The army veteran added that “James has extraordinary leadership and superb skills. He’s exactly the type of person that needs to be the next United States Senator from California.”

Flynn ended his message in the video, in which he’s sitting next to Bradley, by encouraging California residents to “get out there in the primaries and vote for James Bradley for the next United States senator for the great state of California.”

Bradley, a decorated U.S. Coast Guard veteran and former healthcare executive, is a centrist Republican who’s determined to take over the Senate seat formerly held by current Vice President Kamala Harris. The senate candidate is concerned about systemic problems in California, which are driving a mass exodus of people from the state.

“We used to make things in California. Not just movies and TV shows, but computers, cars, clothing, you name it! We were home to the aerospace industry. Now we’re the home of the homeless,” Bradley pointed out when he first launched his campaign last March. “You don’t have to be one of Elon Musk’s rocket scientists to understand why.”

The seat for which Bradley is running is currently occupied by Alex Padilla, who was appointed by disgraced California Governor Gavin Newsom to serve the duration of Harris’ term, until the general election is held this November. Governor Newsom is facing a popular recall campaign, which has been fueled by anger over strict lockdowns that have killed businesses across the state.

Bradley believes that by creating a friendlier business environment, manufacturers will be incentivized to bring production back to California from overseas. “It’s time to end the war on business in this state! It’s time for us all to work together to launch our California renaissance,” he stated.

After the 2020 election, Bradley reached out to watchdog organization, Election Integrity Project California (EIP-Ca). Along with 13 other Congressional candidates in California, the Senate candidate filed suit against former California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Governor Newsom for causing chaos during the election by removing all safeguards against election fraud. Bradley, EIP-Ca and the other Plaintiffs consider Padilla to be directly responsible for thousands of voting irregularities recorded by EIP-Ca volunteer observers across California.

As a Coast Guard veteran, Bradley is also particularly sensitive to the plight of veterans. “The VA in Los Angeles treats our disabled veterans no better than disposable napkins, to be used and tossed aside.” He has spent many hours listening to the stories of veterans who have been systematically pushed out of housing at the West Los Angeles Soldiers Home to serve the agenda of political elites and their supporters.

“They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s the situation we have here in California. Our leaders should serve the people, not just machine politicians and their cronies,” Bradley added.

In addition to fighting election fraud and helping veterans, Bradley’s senate campaign is driven by several key topics, including bringing transparency to government and enforcing term limits. For more information on his 2022 California state senate campaign, visit Bradley’s official campaign website.


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